B23 Careers

A lot of developers talk about Big Data, but only a few people really know what it means or how it works. B23 is razor focused on Big Data and distributed systems. You won’t get assigned to consult on business process re-engineering or some other peripheral task that doesn’t use the skills you were hired for in the first place.

At B23 we recognize that in order to recruit and retain the best people, you have to reward performance. B23 offers a unique, multi-tier compensation model that is best in class. We aim to provide short and long term incentives mapped directly to performance that will allow us to best support our customers and our business. We offer a generous benefits plan, and flexible vacation and working arrangements. Our corporate environment is very informal where job titles are options and open to creative suggestion.

Open Positions

B23 is seeking candidates who are eager to learn new technologies and with demonstrated examples of solving emerging problems quickly and effectively. Experience and exposure alone are not sufficient. A demonstrated capability to learn new technologies quickly and effectively is a critical component for the candidates we seek out and employ.

We have openings for fellow technology practitioners with the following skills, experience, and interests:

Developer-Data Pipelines

We are looking to immediatly fill a position for a Software Developer-Data Pipelines who has experience building and developing data pipelines in distributed processing environments. The prospective candidate should have experience with AWS S3 and Redshift, Apache Hadoop, Spark, Storm and Kafka. Previous experience with Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt is also a plus. For specific information please see our job posting.

Devops Engineer

We are looking for developers, system administrators, and DevOps engineers that can spark our customer’s imagination when it comes to automation. Rather than listing a bunch of tools and utilities we think our customers might use, we’re interested in hearing from you if you’ve put some creative solutions together to automate your infrastructure, platform, or Cloud environment.

Big Data Engineers

We are looking to fill roles for engineers with experience building Big Data systems. Examples of skills set would include experience with Clojure, Scala, Python, R, Java, and JavaScript software for development experience, systems engineering experience with distributed data processing applications such as Kafka, Spark, Storm, and the Hadoop ecosystem of tools and systems engineering experience with search and indexing engines including Elasticsearch and Solr.

Frontend Software Engineer

We are seeking a Front End UI Developer strong in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 to build highly responsive, data driven enterprise class UI’s for our platform. The role combines both visual design and front-end coding in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. You’ll be responsible for designing, developing, testing, implementing and maintaining.